Heres why I think Vykas should be released

No, the specifically said they look at players feedback and the data. If the data and players response are “No go because we’re not ready” then they will use that as an excuse to delay and hide

You sir, are wrong. Play all the live long day, six alts in T3 and only at 1420 because the games upgrade system works on RNG so if you’re consistently ‘unlucky’ then you just progress more slowly than the norm. Which is why the honing system needs some tweaks.

But even “rusty” (I’ve had that title for a while) old me isn’t calling for a delay in Vykas, I haven’t seen any calls for the patch to be delayed because they haven’t yet hit 1430 although I don’t stalk the forums looking for them, too busy playing. I only saw this because of a mis-click whilst on the phone.

What I would say is that after Vykas we could do with a ‘break’, probably coinciding with a low T3 event to help and concentrate some focus on to those alts languishing at 1340 to give them a little shunt up to 1370 (I think ‘and beyond’ is a little too hopeful). This could probably come in with the second season of the Ark Pass. Frankly if the event is sensibly done you might not need a break. Also they should throw in another Super Express (or just turn something similar on for all characters) for any new players as we all know T1 and T2 are barren wastelands of players.

So I fully support, as having both a Bard and Paladin, an expedited release of Vykas. I don’t agree with your summary of me being a “sore loser” because I’m not putting in the time, I’m a sore loser because I’ve been sorely losing the honing game and that doesn’t seem to be getting any better any time soon.