Hermida's song bug

Hello how are you? Saturday night I exchanged gold coins for crystals to buy the hermidas skin, but when I made the purchase I didn’t receive the skin, I discounted the crystals from my account and gave it as a completed purchase. I wanted to know if this has a solution?

Hello, @Vinicin and Welcome to the lost ark forums!

I’m sorry to hear what happened with this transaction.

You mentioned this happened a bit ago so there’s the chance that the order got stuck, if you haven’t restarted the game client since then I’d invite you to do so.

I also recommend you to verify the integrity of game files via steam, as this has solved the issue for some players in previous instances like this one.

If after performing all these troubleshooting you still have not received the skin yet or you can’t see it in your inventory, please contact us via live chat so our colleagues can check what happened during that transaction and help you get your skin.

I hope this helps you!