Hermida's Song ship skin

I purchased the ship skin today. Made sure to claim it into inventory and right clicked to equip but its not there. Did i miss something? I rebooted my PC a couple times even made sure to check steam integrity files still nothing. Please help Mods!

My character name is Protodex
Server Mari
Lvl 50

You have to actually equip it while you are docking the boat, you know the screen where you repair and assign sailors and stuffs, there should be a skin option for you there. Right click on the skin in your inventory only registers the skin, not equip it.

Second, you have to manually equip the skin for every other character in your roster, including the bonus resistance points (not sure if i remember this correctly or not) from the ship skin as well as the sailors.

Thank You for the quick reply. Im stupid as hell

I’m glad you were helped! I will mark this thread as solved.

@Asterius I appreciate you extending a helping hand. :slight_smile: