Heroic Founder Title Should Be Legendary

The ‘Heroic Founder’ title which players received from playing Lost Ark with the 3-day head start from founders pack should NOT be blue in color.

Literally no player uses it anymore because it has the same blue color as so many of the other titles. It was said to be an ‘Exclusive’ title when purchasing the founder’s pack but it does nothing to stand out. The title should at least be epic/legendary or relic in color for the OG players who were here ever since the game was launched.

Can it please be changed to a different color such as purple or orange so that the title can actually have a purpose of showing who played Lost Ark from day 1?

Please take it into consideration. Thanks


I agree. It feels like something that should have been a legendary title.

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ll pass this over to the team.


+1 to change of color too , I would be happy about that.
Most of the MMOs has that colored founder titles. Being founder feels not anything special these days cause founder players are everywhere. But after years it’ll be something special and i would like to show my founder title. Because it will be something rare and special that the people could never have again .

@kadan Can you please stop showing up on my legendary card packs? I need another @azena instead. Thanks.

If it is suppose to considered an “exclusive” title, then maybe it should be relic tier