"Heroic Founder" Title with different color and location

Since there’s so many “normal titles” colored blue it’s a little “unfair” to founders to be the same color and only those who pay monthly get a different one. Golden/l.purple would be nice (asking too much, maybe?).

Also, I suggest “complete titles” to be located above the characters name, since it’s not a prefix/suffix and for bothering some people (ty Asmongold). So guild’s name would be above that or below nickname, maybe between “<” and “>”.

Now, everyone here, don’t exaggerate. Again and again I see such topics where people ask about changing the color.

Over 80% of all players would then have an organe title just because they pre-ordered?

  • Its nonsense. Buy the Aura and enjoy the orange one there.

Do not demand because of a small payment directly a colored title :smiley:

+1 to change of color. I would like to use my founders title but because of its common color, i use my crystal aura one instead. As one of the early supporters i believe it has to have some prestige value to it

LOL. It’s funny because you just said “do not demand because of a small payment directly a colored title” and you’re OK with Crystal Benefactor orange title which comes from Crystalline Aura. You can buy that anytime with smaler payment.

+1 to change of color too, I would be happy about that.
Most of the MMOs has that colored founder titles. Being founder feels not anything special these days cause founder players are everywhere. But after years it’ll be something special and i would like to show my founder title. Because it will be something rare and special that the people could never have again.

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big and pink would be good