Heroic founders title should be Legendary

Hi, my favorite title is Heroic founder but after seeing all the titles and how to get them, I’m wondering why this one isn’t Leg?


Maybe in a few years it will be.

Hi guys, I’m moving this thread from the French to the English-speaking part of the forum for more visibility, thank you! :slight_smile:

I disagree,

new countries that joined couple months later couldn’t get or buy a box
for example people from the Netherlands or Belgium who joined later in the pool could not.
Many other people couldn’t buy it because of some related issues at the start.

so keep it blue.

Yeah, I don’t know about that to be fair but still doesn’t mean it should be blue. Life is not fair. In most case scenario I’m sure we got it. Paying $$$ for a game that isn’t out is not enough to get a Legendary but paying monthly for an aura with in-game gold currency is. Peoples go deathless titles to show off, they are proud of it and for a reason. Some people are proud about having all the Mokokos and some like me are proud that we knew that the game would be good even before the release.