Hey, AGS do we get another mokoko board and pet?

So we got the mokoko board and pet in March and the mokoko skin in June. Is not this great?
Not only many players failed to match the pet with the board but most of them wasn’t aware that a matching skin for board and pet actually exists and will have it three months later.
I’m one unfortunate person who open the santa pet with blue board and penguin skin.

Now I would like to chose the green mokoko skin but to match it with what? With santa mokoko and blue board?

I think we should get another chance to the mokoko board and pet because many players had no idea about these mokoko skins coming out.

And there is no official source of information from AGS about this coming out. Many players does not watch players to see in other regions to see what skins or content may come to us.

I think AGS would do a good thing if they put in this new mokoko skin another chest for pet and boards. It’s bound anyways so does not affect the game economy or anything.
Just my toughts.

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How did you use your brain and chose the right mokoko pet and board based on these matching skins coming out in July(almost)… I’m asking for a friend.

This. This is the one complaint ive had with the game. I wish there was a vendor or somerhing that could allow us to change the color of pets and mounts. A lot of people clicked the wrong color by either a mistake or they were unaware of the mismatched colors. And there are people who just wanna change the color to mix it up and do a different look

Bumping this because I also selected a Mokoko pet that doesn’t match my suit, and I’m kind of bummed about that. If there was some way to reselect the pet or otherwise swap it out, that would be great!

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Are they adding a way to move skins to other characters? I want my bunny ears off of my bard and don’t want to make another mage.

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I hope we can get some skin QoL somepoint soon but given its not even in KR, idk :frowning: