Hey Amazon, can we talk about Shadowhunter?

I rarely post on the forums - I see no need to, usually - but I wanted to talk about Shadowhunter’s new transformation. I don’t want to rehash the old arguments, merely to submit a request.

In last week’s patch we received the updated model for Shadowhunter. Everyone was excited about it, especially given now it was possible to use Interactions and the new selfie mode poses with it in game. That excitement lasted until people launched the game and saw that the shadow effects on the model were so overbearingly strong on max settings that it was impossible to see any details of the new transformation.

I recognize there were reasons given the last time when this discussion came up relating to PvP, but ultimately this is a game that focuses extensively on aesthetics. The inability to see the aesthetic of the new model has disappointed many players, and they’re unsure how else to submit their feedback and see change. And while I recognize that there are those that do actually prefer this transformation, the majority do not. A recent reddit poll of about 1,347 players was taken, and of the respondents, 1,150 expressed they liked the version that exists over in Korea. I know this is an incredibly small sample size relative to the total active player base, but overall I think this is large enough to derive conclusions. (Source; https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/yxdg41/kr_shadowhunter_or_ags_shadowhunter/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)

My request is twofold; in the event this presents a large enough community consensus, would we be able to have the shadow effect removed? And if not, would we be able to have an optional Steam DLC added that allows us to modify the version we see in our own game clients (while keeping it the same for people without this DLC?)

Thanks @Roxx!



@Roxx bumping this one again because of the latest announcement. I get Amazon wants it to be different. People don’t like being forced to have the difference. Please offer a choice, there is zero reason not to.

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