Hey Amazon, why you are not releasing dozens of skins you already have in your Western game client?

I get that new skins require work, but since our game client is KR January 2022 client (according to game files) and when unpacked, it shows that there are MANY skins inside (and also all the missing classes BUT Astro that was added in Feb 2022) that could be released now.

@Roxx can you let us know why it is so hard to publish something you already have in the client here in the west? What is the ‘extra work required’ if you already have all of it in our client? Or do you mean that you dont want to publish it out soon to maximize profit?


Accounting people. They take into account FOMO, releasing worse looking skins first, etc, to maximize profit. Because if they’d release all skins now - people will buy what they like and be done.

They release Omen - someone buys it. Releases better looking skin - same person buys a skin again.



My dude here is probably runnin over the place with the cat suit and he is talking on my Omen set )) What a time to be alive ! :rofl:

im so disappointed :frowning:

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Not sure how do you make more money if you release the skins later. Who will buy them later? Bots don’t buy skins and they might be the only one left playing

Because they are too busy censoring boobs and butts while holding things hostage for fomo purpose

They are reworking skins to make them NA ready. Guys, it’s NA, where decapitations and gore are normal…sexy pixels on clothing … Nope

Holding them hostage to try and generate revenue on command, as well as pull interest when they think it starts to decline. That’s my guess.

People are more likely to buy what is available now to try and look different, then as people buy into that because it’s all there is and has been for a while- boom put out one of the “new” skins.
If they put them all out at once people would have more selection and as such be more selective, they want to sell as many as possible. Also, they want to try and suck people back in anytime they think interest is dwindling or people question why ____ hasn’t been done yet they can put out a skin or two and go “well we’ve been hard at it, see?”.


They say its because a lot of skins aren’t technically functional for some few classes and they want to release the same functional skin to all classes.

In other words, they could have an easy time releasing different skins for different classes, but instead they punish the entire playerbase because they think they understand players without even ask what they prefer.


They are doing a speedrun and seeing how fast they can lose their entire playerbase. They might break their own WR and actually do even worse than New World.


? You know that we have Jan 2022 KR client, there is no reason why skin released in 2021 on KR would not work with our version. All files are in the client.

because that’s not how business works…

if they release all skins at once everyone would just buy the 1 skin they like the most and nothing else. then after 2 month the same people would start to cry for new skins again and utter their nonsense about leaving the game because of missing skins even tho they know they are just babbling, but now all of a sudden there isn’t anything new to release because it all got released in one go

and pls don’t act as if having this stuff already in the client is some big mystery or something that has never been seen before… even single player games, which you pay full price for, already have stuff in their client which they sell you as DLC later on

also i know, we are all entitled little first world dwellers, but pls stop acting as if we somehow have some kind of right to have everything 3 year old versions of the game have after just 1 month after release

this i demand/i deserve mentality is just annoying. you are all karens who demand to see the manager or else!!!