Hey @Roxx I have a solution to solve the legendary skins issue

First of all, just go to your server room and unplug all the cables so that everyone can stop whining. kek joke.

Ok lets go back to the topic, I’m from JP > RU > NA and it’s truly a devastating that we are NOT getting legendary skins as not the same direction along with JP/RU. I understand that this is due to eu loot box regulation and I’m not sure what is happening or conflict between AGS and SG but just because of that freaking yoz jar rng and removing the legendary items in the game completely without giving a solution for players is a pure lazy move. At least please try to propose something to them.

So here is the 3 solution:

  1. Reduce the stats bonus and the rarity level as the same as epic and add it into store with reasonable price like others skin so that everyone can have the privilege to have the legendary skins look.
  2. Remain the stats bonus, rarity level and add into the store and double up the pricing (not 500 please that is crazy)
  3. Bring in RNG yoz’s jar in NA only (good luck EU) :laughing:

At the end, the conclusion is everyone really LOVE the legendary skins and why do you want to remove it as you can see in the feedback thread how many players is happy with that direction? Don’t mess things up again will you?