Hey Roxx trade?

Hey @roxx

I’ll trade you your ingame name for some of those sweet Punika Growth Packs :wink:

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Fun fact, someone else swiped Roxx in-game in my region. I don’t know who they are, but I hope they’re making a good name for us both


Give us the punika growth pack or else.

Do they actually play the game?

I do. I have Roxx on NAE I’m on Karta

AGS is NAW champ.

Nice deflection from the point at hand.

What did you expect. You think these people go to school to become CMs LOL

I swiped Roxx and I spend a majority of my ingame time saying vulgar things in chat. Yw

If i recall correctly someone was using your name in PVP ranks in the RU client right? i really thought it was you haha

must be a bot

Was this before you became a CM? Were you not able to reserve it? Kinda sucks :confused: