Hey so I cant use my punika powerpass or any for that matter, anyone know whats going on?

Read the in game notice or forum notice.

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Oh sorrry should have read notices. Will look before making a buy-report from now on!

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yo is this fixed yet? jfc

Nah, still disabled atm.

I think that’s the most recent post on the matter from a CM.


Thank you for sharing the link! That’s the most recent update we have so far on the matter :slightly_smiling_face:.

When will this be fixed? Cant you just make the north vern power pass available so the new & returning players can use them at least?

Discussions are still ongoing on the issue. Apologies it’s not been resolved, keeping you updated!

Wait…. Is this… is this the mid week “update”?

they did specify mid of wich week i guess