Hey, wake up! u made shit with pvp

carry as support with silver and gold XD


rank is messed up… I dealt the most damage on losing team (blue)
and I assure you I will go below 1000 because Im always teamed up with utter garbage

Tal1, you also took the most damage :slight_smile: usually to see how well you did you extrapolate from the the two and see the actuall worth. so many players are to focused on damage done and forget to hide their asses when its time

No worry soon will be no ppl to play so u not going get garbage in your team as u sey

If you think that’s bad try GM with bronze.
PvP is dead and as we speak right now I’m playing on Russia and I can tell you it’s not going to get better only worse.

PvP is a shitshow in this game.

PVP its not bad but its to hard for beginers and snowflakes. if they ignore pvp im sure will see RU all over again. I actually have much more fun than i did in wow Arena by a mile.