Hidden card Rarity?

I have a feeling there is a hidden card rarity within each rarity.

I have opened alot of card packs yet if I look at my equipable sets. I have no cards past the Beatrice Row. I have multiple duplicates of epics of everything above that row. But everything past Beatrice I do not have one card.

I have x12 sand giants… never farmed him just killed him once or twice while he spawned on me.
have 4 to 5 of most other rares… yet missing 2 of the weapon rares and can’t get the dang dwarves to awaken the 3 set.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I could be wrong but it seems like a lot of the card packs have cards mostly from the area you got the pack in.

Cards say they come from particular ‘sets’ of cards, as if the card packs were labeled differently (though they aren’t).

Either there’s a label in the background somewhere, in which case it’s plausible there’s some difference based on where/how you get it … or it’s a leftover from the Korean version which might actually have had more varieties of card packs and meaningless in the Western release.

Region might matter where you get it it but i would say i get most from the 10 for 180 crystals or 20 for 230.

I’ve seen packs of cards from traders that have different labels.

It just you … I have like 8 Beatrice

With my luck so far I’d have to agree. Certain cards within their rarity group seem to be a lot more common than others. Others being the cards with good set effects.