Hidden Quest bugged in Tortoyk

Hello i’ve ran this quest twice Pirate king in Waiting is a hidden quest in Tortoyk, I cant pick the last quest inside the dungeon and I know you have to do them before the timer runs out im on T3 gear so I’m breezing to the entire dungeon but im not sure why is this happening?

the link is a picture that you can see im there before the timer runs out!!
Here you can see i’ve done every other hidden quest with no issues at all

Hello, :wave:

Sorry to hear about this issue with the hidden quest in Tortoyk.

Can you check if the workaround posted by other users in these two threads don’t work?

Let me know how that goes.

Hello Ulver,

The workaround actually did work, the barrels in the north seem to be bugged i used the one from the south as the recommendations on your post and i was able to completed the quest.

Thank you for taking the time and giving me a hand regarding this.

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Great, glad to hear you were able to advance the quest!

And thanks to @Zurion and @SpectrumWarrior for posting what they found while looking for answers in other threads!