Hidden story "Pirate king in waiting" bugged

In the Adventurer’s Tome for the Tortoyk continent for the hidden story “Pirate King in Waiting” the 2nd part of the hidden story does not get registered. upon interacting with the location for the 2nd part it brings up the window indicating the 2nd part of the hidden story has been interacted with but the curiosity buff does not update displaying that only part 1 of the hidden story has been completed. This bug is constant and happens every time without fail, i have tried waiting for the “moment of curiosity” buff to run out to restart the hidden story again only to run into the exact bug again. I have also tried resetting the game and the bug persists and i do have a friend who is also having the exact same bug

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subset on reddit figured it out and I can confirm it works: you have to activate the barrels south of the entrance of the tavern (those north are bugged), then you’ll get the 30mn buff to run through the dungeon and get the 3rd part.


does one have to take the last note after all enemies are killed? because during the fight i cant pick it up, and after the fight the way up there is blocked

Only both barrels located at the south are working

sadly that issue is still in the game. but well to be fair you cannot put a music teacher in a car repair shop.

Amazon games is responsible for the publishing of games, glad for that.
However looking forward to a fix onto this.

Finally doing this a year later. Still bugged. Just FYI.,