High CPU usage when playing lost ark

Hi so i have a question, my GPU uses 100% when playing lost ark which it should be.
But for some reason my CPU is around 40-70% while playing.
I’m using a AMD Ryzen 5 1600X cpu, also my drivers are up to date.
Does any1 know how to solve my high cpu problem?
Minimized the game but this is what it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/nVwKoS2.png

Surely Easy Anticheat running in the background, there is a way to lower its CPU usage priority, it should be easy to find on Reddit.

I’ve started turning off anti cheat as the game loads.
But i’ve noticed there are 2 of them, one is anti cheat the other is anti cheat launcher.
And if you close down the launcher the game closes down with it.

That doesn’t sound like a problem?

It’s utilizing your hardware properly. It runs my 3700x at around 30-40% so a 1600x being 70% seems pretty reasonable.

Also what are your full specs, graphics settings, framerate settings, etc?

If you’re running the game at 144fps then it’s going to use more CPU to render the frames, that’s normal.

If you have graphics settings maxed out, that will also use more CPU, again this is normal behavior.

CPU high usages when running a game is not a bug, especially on older hardware.

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Thanks if you say it’s normal then ill roll with that.
Also i checked my temperature and its only 52C which i read is normal.