High latency past few weeks EUC

hello i play on euc lazenith… i am from Asia so i usually get 200ping which is fine but recently i keep getting put in 300ping server. it is absolutely Lost ark server side problem. sometimes i load in a raid it have 300 ping and sometime i load out of a raid and it puts me on 300 ping server.
playing on 200 ping is managable but 300 ping is not. i dont know if Lost ark had a server downgrade or what but please fix it as its currently not alot of fun to play with that much ping.

Hello @Kameha,

Hope you are doing well.

I understand your situation, for which I’d suggest you to kindly go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned on :arrow_double_down:

And in case this does not help, then I’d request you to please contact our live support by following the link down below, so that they can check the necessary information related to your account and assist accordingly.

Also, please send them the link to this post so that they can assist you better.

Hope this helps. :magic_wand:

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just now i was in Punika and i had 300 ping but then i teleport to Feiton and got 200 ping then i go back to punika again and it goes back to 300 ping. same thing with raids sometimes you get put in 200 ping and sometimes on 300 ping.