High MMR Players in Low MMR Lobbies

This is a message to AGS and Smilegate. I do not know if this is some sort of bug going on with matchmaking for Ranked PvP, but this is absolutely absurd. This needs to be promptly handled with before the integrity of the MMR system is completely destroyed. Ranked is already hard enough to play as it is, between the super sweats, and the casuals that I seem to constantly have that don’t know what abilities do exactly.

On NA East, we already have a Grandmaster, from the same server as this person. Not saying this is related, but could be a correlation to some sort of manipulation that is happening to get higher ranks in lower MMR lobbies.

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It’s not balanced. You see people having around 35 matches already in Diamond/Platinum while others having the same number of matches and wins aren’t which is pretty weird. Some even have less matches too and i was checking mostly the ones who are playing only 1char on the ladder. You can check the ladder ranking and you’ll see. Not to talk about the fact that there are hackers also. You notice them by the cooldowns on their spells which is way faster than what it should be. Their anticheat sucks too.

Depends on at what point they got their wins as earlier wins give much more points than later ones which may explain some players being higher than others with similar w/l ratios

Matches #1-10 2.5x
Matches #11-30 2x
Matches #31-100 1.5x
Matches #101+ 1x

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In regards to higher ranking players being in your matches, it could be due to how the queueing system works.

Though that high of a MMR gap without other high MMR on the opposing team to balance it out is very odd.

Lauffie talks about this being an issue in RU and KR as well. I really don’t see this changing unless they change it in all regions.

Well, you hit it here on your last section of the post. I have about 130-ish matches and have ran into other high gold/low play players. HOWEVER, I had those same ranks on my team. The game balanced those lobbies. I just find it super strange how this guy got in.

Also, I was completely unaware there are hacks to reduce CD’s. I wish I would have saved a clip of the match. The guy had us in the tornado every 10-ish seconds. He would land a full combo and have all 3 of us in the tornado immediately after, then do it all over again. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen.

Ye if you play enough pvp which i assume you do, you will be familiar with the cds of certain spells of said classes and you will notice (sometimes not immediately) but during the match, that something is really weird judging by the speed they are casting spells that usually have long casting animation or long cd. There are some videos starting to surface to showcase how their anticheat doesn’t work both from the cheaters side and the people getting the other end of the stick.

I would say I play enough. But yeah, I’m not surprised it doesn’t work. I just hope the post gains enough traction so we can get a response from AGS about this. If not, the Master and Grandmaster ranks are just going to be full of cheaters.

I’m just going to continue playing and see what happens the next few days. But it is ruining the whole point of ranked when you know people are fixing the MMR system so they can enter low lobbies, and people have zero CD’s.

Only time will tell.

After having posted my reply, i have played around 10 pvp matches and imagine the outcome. I went from 14xx MMR to now around 12xx MMR. Great game xD. And yeah i got the same thing as you. People in the 2k MMR in the same game around three times in those 10 games and then around 4 sketchy games where you see people having really low cd spells and you stay there 20s without being able to do anything.

You definitely fall harder than you gain. But it’s not a matter of skill. I was in a game with a platinum, gold, and bronze player on each team, and I had the second most damage on my team. But it was fair. Haven’t ran into another game where I my whole team got rolled by one person.

I feel you man.I had a plat player in my game this time. Few games ago I had a diamond player in my game. feels bad.

I dont understand the battlefield score either. How did I lose so much more than my teammates?

Heard this also happens in KR version as well tbh

Nobody cares about pvp when the outcome is rng based, u have no say in getting good or bad players in your team

The way matchmaking works in this game is the game will try to find a match for you no matter what within 90 seconds and after that within 90 second intervals. That’s why we have scuffed matchmaking, especially during inactive hours.

However there is somewhat of balance in terms of MMR gain and loss when this happens. If you win VS a higher MMR average team then you’ll gain more rating than normal. If you lose while having a higher MMR average then you’ll lose more rating than normal. In the screenshot the plat guy won as much rating as the losers lost while his bronze allies earned more in comparison. It’s still unfair, the higher rating person is favored to win but it’s a team game and shit happens.

There’s also “placement matches” that makes the point gain and losses confusing.

  • 1-10 matches you earn 2.5x rating
  • 11-30 2x
  • 31-100 1.5x
  • 101+ 1x