High ping after new update

Hi, ever since the new update that came out yesterday iv been having such high and i dont know whats causing it. I play on Na-West servers and i live in Australia so iv always had constant 200ms however 200ms is not really a big deal its bearly noticeable. But as of today after the new update was released iv been constantly on 500ms and higher, iv even hit 1200+. This is very annoying as everything is delayed by like 2-3 seconds for eveyrthing i do. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issues and if there’s anything i could do to resolve this.

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how is your ping atm

its back to how it was now. lasted a day or 2 of being unplayable.

I’ve had spikes that weren’t there since that maintenance, but luckily never something constant to the point of the game becoming unplayable.