High ping in NA Avesta

for a long time it has started and it has a lot of ping for no reason I played with 125-141 and it was very good although it is a bit high but lately I reach 300-500 and today it made me angry
reached 7000-70000ms my internet I have checked it I do not have problem somewhere else only issue in the lost ark I have

fix fucking server have all time high ping omg this dev is epic bad

same with me NA azena,
average 160ms

now its 600-2300 ms

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I honestly can not imagine that in the years 2022 a company like amazon manages to be so bad with its servers

NA enviska too 300ms+ and spike to 1000ms+

also happens in NA regulus

I don’t know how to verify ping and stuff im too noob, but I can tell that my game is overall more laggy than usual lately, it goes by wave I would say, sometimes its regular smooth, other time I feel like all the swiftness was removed from my character with an added mov. speed debuff. Which I believe to be high pings ))