High ping/latency?

Anybody else been having high ping/latency recently? I am playing on EUC and I’ve had this for the past week. Just making sure if it’s just me or something on the server side?


Could you let me know which server? And how high the ping is? Also, if its a continual high ping or if it spikes in any certain places.

I have the same issue on EUC, for the past 2 weeks the worst is between 19:00-21:00 its continual spikes and it doesne matter where i am even at Raids, islands or somewhere else it going from 16ms to spikes 300-4000ms

I have the same issue on EUC. The issue started a day or two before artist patch. My latency is high during peak hours and it’s only affecting lost ark. So Im pretty much forced to do my raids in the morning or late at night.

Having weird spikes this morning, NA W, its odd though because I’m not seeing a numberon the ping spikes, the game just locks up or my abilities are un responsive.

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Yea I was having similar issues on Galatur today. It lasted for about 30 minutes with high ping spikes lasting for a couple minutes at a time.

I play on Zinnervale. It’s random spikes between 31 (normal ping) and anywhere up to 360. Happens any time of the day and night. Yesterday I was farming island soul at 3am, no downloads, nothing else is open, nobody is using internet in the household and ping is 320… When entering any boss content and engaging the boss for the first time there is a massive freeze for couple seconds and after that it’s fine. Very bizarre and looks like it’s not just me

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Confirming the lag issues.
Started to happen around two weeks ago.
Server: Kadan (EUC)
Support asked, response not satisfactory
(Other servers on amazon infrastructure also affected, servers outside amazon OK)

Yeah, I tried support and it’s not been helpful. Typical responses when the problem is obviously not on user side

The issue started happing to me after Artist release. I wrote about it 2 weeks ago and still I haven’t got any response. Co-op modes are absolutely unplayable. I don’t experience disconnections. I experience lag spikes and high ping at certain time (around 19:00 - 22:00 EUC - Antares). This happens everyday to me.
Gameplay experience is terrible. My connection is stable, only LoA seems to have a problem. In co-op modes, it is even worse, I get latency around 10 000 ms. Dark souls experience si required to play some more difficult raids with so high latency.
I tried every troubleshooting step AGS recommended - without any change. AGS even created a ticket for me, I think it’s useless. Hope they will fix it soon.

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I have the same issue since the Artist patch.
I’ve noticed that this issue is ONLY at peak times, mostly 7 PM - 10 PM CET. I’ve tried to contact amazon support also and always got the same response with https://www.amazongames.com/en-us/support/lost-ark/articles/troubleshooting-lag-and-connectivity-issues

Obviously I’ve tried everything there but it’s not on OUR side. It looks like when not everyone is having these issues, they don’t care that much. If I will figure out some solution, I will let you know. I was hoping these maintanances would fix it somehow but it’s still the same.

I guess its issue of whatever infrastructure is Amazon using for hosting servers, it also happens on other games on Amazon infrastructure and AWS.

Also getting high latency on NA East Sasha

I’m getting DC every 30 minutes - 1 hour on Adrinne right now. The ping has been high lately and the latency is terrible. Sometimes when I use the combat skills only the sounds went off, the skill didn’t trigger and I had to press it again. Our server is dead and we net like 10 - 15 players in total for the 96 players’ battlefield. The islands are dead because of the low population. Please consider merging.

@ShieldMaiden as you can see a lot of people are having problems, is it something the team has been notified about?

high ping and frozen screens, EUC lazenith

Its also happening for me and my friends, other games are fine but I only get lag spikes in LA. it started since this week reset 3 days ago.
server : Asta

I have same problem sience artist patch…

Hello, I have been having high ping spikes on NA E Adrinne also since the weekly reset. Normal ping 15-16 ms with ping spike it goes up to 285 ms.

This happens very often regardless of whatever content I may be doing in game.

The most common one for me on EUC Zinnervale is 485ms