Higher cpu usage... and processer utilization since update!

So since 2 Days this game takes much more CPU Usage and Utilizations thats not normal, AM I THE ONLY ONE with that problem??? The Usage of this Game went for me from 6% to almost 25% always, and since then my PC always is 15° Hotter than average! Every other Game doesnt have it . Am i trippin at the moment or what is going on ? Can pls someone tell me im not crazy???


can confirm this

Hello heroes!

Hope you are having a great week and apologize about this unexpected situation where the CPU usage has increased since some days.
I would suggest to check the video and other settings of your computer in order to set a balanced performance.

Feel free to provide any other important detail about this situation and I will be monitoring this post in canse I have useful information.

Best wishes hero
Keep gaming!

yeah exactly the same.

Checking with process hacker and inspecting Lostark.exe process , I can see a thread sometimes appearing ( and using 1 core to 100% , sometimes even using 2cores to 100%, though this is rarer to happen )

These pictures are with lost ark with affinity locked to 1 core ( changed affinity on launch_game.exe before it loaded Lostark.exe ) only and fps locked to 10 ( or 20 , unsure what value I used )

I click on the thread and I was kinda expecting what I found.

during this time the game stuggles since it’s with 1 core affinity and that thread is wanting to use the single core it has to the max, making the rest of the threads struggle .

This is how it looks when EAC isn’t derping arround :

Here the game is running without a problem using 5% cpu , without an issue. But eventually … that thread will go back to derp.

From time to time ( and for me personally during some time in every launch , even during login screen ) there is this thread just sitting on 1 core and using it to the max, then randomly goes away and returns from time to time.

Changing Easyanticheat affinity/prio or even turning the process off does nothing , since EAC is loaded as a driver ( EasyantiCheat.sys ).

I’m not even 100% sure it’s EAC , since I’m assuming it in that the last thing in the thread stack when it’s flipping out is EasyAntiCheat.sys.

I do think most ppl with “modern cpus” wont notice it (, but I can for sure notice it on my laptop when I tested LA there, so I bet a lot of ppl are loosing performance and/or seeing higher temps just cause of this. Also I think this started before this last patch.

Edit : I opened Lostark.exe , fps locked to 10 and affinity locked to 1 core and just let it “AFK” in the login screen without doing anything , this is the graph of the cpu usage.

it is quite clear , from time to time , a thread comes and just EATS 1 core , then goes away … then comes back … then goes away … this doesn’t seem to be normal.

Edit2 : Just tried again to see if this was fixed ( 02/09 ) , launched game , main menu still having one thread trying to eat 100% of 1 core , sometimes windows kernel ( system ) starts also eating 1 core 100% ( like in the example above , the green is kernel “work” , caused BY LOST ARK ) , this is clearly connected to Lost ark client and/or EAC.

Idle in main menu , fps lock to 10, affinity to 1 core :

Game starts “trippin” , game calms down , goes back up , kernel being used like a maniac on second “Lost ark flipout moment” … something is CLEARLY wrong here.


yeah its exaclty like that, every few seconds it spikes higher and goes back to normal … i just wanna know why, cuz it seems im not the only one, Or was ist a windows update or whatever. I dont get it and its annoying af

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Hello Arkesians,

I have reviewed all the data you have provided and thank you for the information. Aside from the troubleshooting suggested by @Achieveme we do not have much else to suggest.

Due to the type of issue you mention and how it does not match the expected behavior, this thread would be better addressed in the Bug Reports section.

I have moved the thread. Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Thanks for passing this along @Fenrirskoll

@Skrillz You stated in your initial post that this is happening across all games. Have you recently updated windows or made any changes that could have caused this CPU usage?

I’ll report this issue to the team in case there is something that needs to be investigated. Thanks!

i meant is NOT the same, forgot a word. My Bad , it just lost ark!

I have edited my previous post.

It seems the game keeps doing this over and over , from time to time a thread just “flips” , the thread stack always ends in easyanticheat.sys.


So this EAC random thread that flips out , in this instance ( 10fps lock 1 core afinity ) is eating almost 10x more cpu cycles than the WHOLE GAME runnig behind it.

So 1st thread , that’s EAC tripping , and all those threads bellow ? that’s Lost ark .

Also sometimes really weird kernel usage happens.

As shown above , the game in this state usually can run just fine using about 4-5% cpu, and I can even verify it looking that game threads.

Image of Lostark , fps locked to 10fps locked to 1 core trying to use everything available to it , since that thread is “derping”:

I wonder how many people are having massive problems with EAC ( if EAC cannot find enough power leading to DC or EAC errors ) or are noticing in their game performance switching to a worse experience from time to time ( if they dont have enough cores/power to just “drive trough” this mess ).

I have sent emails to support ( before this last patch and my post , about 10 days ago ) but had copy pasted response about posting my Dxdiag in forums , I replied with my dxdiag to the email and more info about this issue and had no answer after that.

Wondering if you have any ETA for a fix , I have contacted EAC but haven’t heard anything from them , so I assume their support probably works best when contacted by your team than by individuals.

edit : Found this post ( LINK ) and I can also see the same thing as this user.

edit2 : 08/09 after patch , was hoping for a fix …

Guess not , this is again , game fps locked to 10fps afinity to 1 core, “afk” in the login screen.

EAC makes kernel use 1 core to max , and Lost ark uses the other to max.

EAC is either making 1 core ( since game is afinity locked ) to 100% , or making it go to 100% and making the system(kernel) use another core to 100%.

Comparing to when the game is running fine in these conditions and using 3-5% cpu … it’s quite a diference.

I really hope there is some ETA on a fix on this.


yeah love the copy pasta responses. ^^

I had to cap my CPU to around 70% in power management just to be able to play the game, otherwise I would have kernel power error every single time I tried to do a legion raid, and 50/50 for guardians /chaos. No issue with any other games that I play, with or without that stupid fix.

Game doesn’t close now…but obviously it feels so bad compared to before.

As previously mentioned I’m still seeing weird cpu usage out of nowhere.

Same testing as above , AFK in game ( this time in my stronghold instead of login screen ) . fps locked afinily to 1.


The cpu usage just goes up from nowhere. then returns to normal , then random thread comes again.

And doubt this is definitive proof it’s EAC but , the thread that is always eating 1 cpu always ends in EasyAntiCheat.sys , same as before.

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decided to test this again in another rig , expecting the results I got.

here is lost ark locked to 1 e-core running in a 13600k , fps locked to 6fps.

Core 2 is 100% Kernel usage ( SYSTEM ) , and it’s EAC.

This seems to trigger randomly, and while in some systems I see no big issue in loosing 1 core , I can understand if some users are experiencing abnormal temps/fps issues.

in this system it seems to behave for a random time, and sometimes do that ( 100% sit in one core ) much like it did on all the other ones, just picks a p-core and sits on it.

Although sometimes I can game forever without this issue , sometimes fans ramp up and I already know it’s EAC again and I have to restart game untill it stops doing it.

EAC still seems to be sitting on one core and taking it to 100% doing nothing, I can literally run the game @ 1fps low settings ,1 core will be 100% ( kernel system usage ) .

I seems to be able to replicate this for several months …

Is there a fix in the works ? or we need to wait for EAC to do something ?

at this point seems it is going to be ignored as it was so far.


Getting this too since the last update.
Game starts, all is fine, all cores at 5-20% usage each. Then after like 20 min Core 1 goes to 100% and “System” Process goes from 0.7% usage to 8-9%.
This is literally frying my CPU. From 50 avg temp temp to 71+

Tried deleting EAC files and verifying game files to make sure that no setting was acting weird but still same issue.

Please do something…because I’m pretty sure no one here is gonna replace my CPU if it dies from this.


This issue is present for several months and guess what? They don’t care and it’s only a problem for “some people”. Not like most people don’t even know what a task manager is or are worried if their CPU cooler is running at 80% speed instead of 40% in every other game.

Isn’t it so @OminousOnion @Fenrirskoll @Achieveme @Legumi @Solaire ?

@neolitejukebox thanks for the hard work man, but we kinda all already know (except AGS it seems) that EAC is the root of most of the problems we have in this game

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Hey everyone, thanks for reviving this thread again.

Since August, when this post was first created, has there ever been a point in which this issue was fixed? As in has this recently become a problem again? Or has this been a constant issue throughout.

I’ll do some asking around, as well as reporting this again to the team.

Appreciate everyone’s in depth investigation!

It has been fine before yesterday. It wasn’t even due to Lost Ark updating, as in, it was fine on Wednesday and Thursday. Then started on Friday.
So the only explanation is that EAC updated yesterday and messed up something.

The problems I explained in the other threads are constant since Pet Ranch patch.

Adding the startoption -useallavailablecores fixed the issue that my 2nd core went up to 100% all the time.

Edit: nvm it already went up after 20 minutes of playtime sorry for confusion.

Damn man you got my hopes up. Tried it and same problem, after ~20 min it’s back at 100%.