Higher cpu usage... and processer utilization since update!

Hi monumental Suggestion. How about we ask smilegate if we can use the Xingcode anticheat instead of EAC (infamously terrible). As someone who has played the Kr server for hundreds of hours, it presents no issues, has fast load times and is reliable. This game is a Smilegate owned game i fail to see why we are on a seperate system to the alpha version of the game which is much more stable.

Same here pretty much…

However, from my experience it doesn’t stop for me.

2nd Picture is from 5 min after closing the game and just idling.
Started happening 2 days ago, I tried everything as I thought it was something wrong with system, hell I even nuked my windows yesterday and performed a clean slate with formated wipe.

At this point I don’t even understand how EAC gets the contracts tbh…
Literally not a single community likes it, everyone that I ever spoke have nothing but hatred towards the system, it’s resource hogger, steals our FPS and is literally useless.
Is it free or something compared to other AC’s?

Time saver: EasyAntiCheat.sys

I have tried to change the core priority in the registry (before EAC locks it down when running) as some folks suggested in the Apex Legends reddit and it does not prevent the hog either.

I’m no expert and this forum already have its fair share of speculation but it seems EAC works like an extra layer most games structures have not intended/prepared to have…

somehow “system” goes up to 30%~ cpu usage onlyy while playing this game…

Going to test Lost Ark after todays EAC update ( 05/12 ) Link

I went to lost ark main folder and used the EasyAntiCheat as administrator to force any new EAC files to be downloaded.

I’m running LostArk locked to 1 core ( so if EAC sys driver acts funny it will use other cores ) and fps locked to 6 ( while testing ) so it’s with a very low usage. This way I can see the cpu usage of “external things” other than lostark.exe itself.

For now , EAC is behaving and the problem seems to be fixed.

I’ll leave it running semi-afk in the back and relog if I get afk kicked , and edit this post later.

But at least for now it does seem fixed :+1: n1 AGS !

Edit :

It seems we’r back to my first report in 26th August , EAC does eat the core for some time then stops .


This isn’t perfect , but much better to having it “stuck” there forever 24/7


So we’r still have intermintent high kernel usage from EAC , it’s just not staying stuck @ 100%

Also it’s rare to see it do it , and usually it will stop in 2-5s .

Nevertheless , much much better !

EAC doesn’t get stuck @ 100% usage , nor does it stay up after closing lost ark since today’s EAC update.

Thx for the fast fix and turnaround , it isn’t perfect since EAC is still … EAC … but this is much better and I can go back to enjoying the game !

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First test sounds promising here too.

After 14 minutes, core 1 still goes whole hog, full blast at 100%, but it doesn’t linger there. After about 30 minutes, it calms down and goes back down to normal. Still not ideal, but better than having it spinning like that for a few hours.

Would appreciate some more tech input from AGS/SG for this. It’s a nice stopgap, but this doesn’t feel like a fix.

Please let us know if you’re still experiencing problems at this time. There have been a few changes that should be helping.

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Hello ShieldMaiden,

I can confirm that in my case, the CPU cores are no longer stuck at 100% and the game processes fully terminate on game exit, no longer stuck at running.

However, the problem with EAC latency sensitivity that is causing so many players to DC all over the place is still not fixed.

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As mentioned above system still goes up to high cpu usage for about 30-40 minutes after that it calms down tho from personal experience if i try to close the game during those 30-40 minutes it will stay open. Its better but a full fix would be much appreciated

After today’s announcement and reinstalling EAC: nothing changed for me. The game continues to be “running” in Steam. Closing processes manually and restarting the PC does not help. Yesterday only reinstalling Steam helped, but I won’t do this every day.

Ive noticed higher CPU usage, but not by a whole lot tho. I have a ryzen 9 12 core tho. But I still notice it by a few %age

My 1st core is still going through the roof :frowning:

mine’s working properly now, tyvm

So far the game hasn’t got stuck ‘running’ in steam after closing the client.

As far as the CPU utilization goes, my 2nd logical processor still hangs at or near 100% after performing all of the recommended steps.

looks like everything is fine now

mine still the same high cpu usage

Try to caps fps on game to 60fps. Set max CPU power to 99%, for me it’s works. Never had CPU so cold.

well my cpu is not getting high temp either but the core is getting blasted every now and then and its annoying so for ppl with worse cpu’s its probably even worse