Higher cpu usage... and processer utilization since update!

So far the game hasn’t got stuck ‘running’ in steam after closing the client.

As far as the CPU utilization goes, my 2nd logical processor still hangs at or near 100% after performing all of the recommended steps.

looks like everything is fine now

mine still the same high cpu usage

Try to caps fps on game to 60fps. Set max CPU power to 99%, for me it’s works. Never had CPU so cold.

well my cpu is not getting high temp either but the core is getting blasted every now and then and its annoying so for ppl with worse cpu’s its probably even worse

The problem was a CPU hog on core 1 → system.exe overload → not being able to close the game, constantly. They have managed to tackled this issue, so make sure to repair your EAC if you are still having this issue. That said, I can still see some minor hogging after 20min or so that comes and go at some intervals, but that just it.

60fps on a 200hz monitor? how about no? they should fix the issues immediately instead of we trying to do everything to be able to play the game normally… I mean I recently bought a system for 2k euros and it’s unacceptable that the game has these kind of things


My 5700x was running the game just fine for 2 months, them after the previous week update now and them my 2nd core usage go to the roof and the temperature too, all other cores stay at 50cº while core 2 is at 70cº, the problem is with the game because its only happens with lost ark, while playing other games all cores have similar temperatures and usage

I tried Albion online which has EAC as well and I have similar issue where 2 of my cores are at or almost at 100% utilization, and they are the exact same cores that LA has at 100% so while it might be an issue with the LA client as well EAC has definitely something to do with it

its happening again btw really high cpu usage

YEP, Also the game doesn’t close unless I actually shut it down from task manager

Hello! Just confirming that you’ve followed the steps laid out in the post below @Sunleth?

If you could confirm as well please @Megaa.

Yes, I did follow the steps and reinstalled EAC, multiple times in fact because I have other games that use EAC as well so I did it for all of them @OminousOnion
Also I had a patch today for the game (around 200mb) which might be relevant to the issue.

Yes i did that

Appreciate the update @Megaa and @Sunleth.

I’ll inform the team that we’re still seeing high CPU usage and the game is failing to close.

Just FYI it’s happening even after the latest patch

nothing change for me, since 2 week my GPU usage is around 95%, before this 2 weeks ( and i play since released game ) he never up more than 40%

So any updates about this @OminousOnion @ShieldMaiden ? It’s unhealthy to the system to say the least and it’s been weeks since we reported this

@OminousOnion @ShieldMaiden Hello?! Any updades? It’s been over a month…

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Just a quick reminder that this is still an ongoing issue. The game didn’t shut down after quitting and some cores are at 100% constantly, regardless of what’s happening in the game. It’s literally killing my PC @OminousOnion @ShieldMaiden