Highest Amount of bags opened so far?

Has anyone hit the 100 bag mark and still don’t have yearning yet on our version? I’m 144 in and still don’t have it yet.

i spend about 3 hours total for this island and still not even know what the bag look like so i decided this island not exist for my account :rofl:

True, but only farmable one i can do really anymore since the last 2 i need are dailies doh

the most realistic way to farm this island to me is using mouse autoclick when ever I’m not at my PC

Yeah, seems alot tried macroing or botting but never came back after being reported so not sure if they got a warning or actual bans or what not

just stick your auto atk mouse button with some tape and aim it toward where the mob spawn :)) no software needed

yea not sure about that just seems more work than just 1 shotting it over and over even if its afk, and people will just end up reporting you as well anyway lol

i mean doing that somewhat undetectable :))