Highly upset (Sept Class)

The class release schedule needs to be reassessed ASAP.

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No matter what, someone was gonna be unhappy about which class came out. If reaper came out, scouter people or summoner people would be upset, etc etc.


Watch it be 6.


you expecting this is not so right. remember when glaivier came out as a 5th subclass for fighter class? That explains it already.


That still doesn’t make it right.

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Doesn’t matter what class we got, someone was gonna bitch about it anyway. No one on these forums is a representative for the “entire” community. It wasn’t gonna be “RIGHT” by someone’s standards.


It does seem a bit odd to release a class that already has what 5 options already? When you have others like assassin that only has 2 or mage with 3


Says who?

Yea but they have the least reasoning to be upset unlike Reaper mains. Im not gonna go over the detail muh 2 subclasses BUT if you lets say create a MMO and launch it what are the holy five of classes to create first like every other MMO does ?

I will help you out.

Warrior = Berserker
Mage = Sorceress
Archer/Range = Hawkeye
Support = Bard
Assassin = Reaper

Every Warrior/Mage/Range/Support got to enjoy their class since launch but assassin players get screwd FIRST not being on launch and now will wait 10 MONTHS to finally enjoy the “Classic” Assassin. This is why im most upset about that i cant enjoy a MMO with a class that i enjoyed the past 15 years in my MMO Journey and that is just unacceptable for a MMO playerbase that enjoy the assassin archetype.

And no Deathblade and Shadowhunter aint it.


Not 4 months, but 6.
Summoner rework is already being tested, november class should be summoner not reaper.

I think the blade and shadowhunter mains would disagree.

they should rename reaper to weaper


Yea why i am not playing it then ? I said the “Classic” assassin you see in every other mmo stealth,glasscannon,poison,blink that is what an assassin is about not a cockroach and a clunky playstyle from DB with 4 charging skills thats not what i expect from an assassin.

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i main deathblade because its the closest to an assassin i could get on release, eagerly waiting to swap to reaper :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHA good joke. Never in my decades of gaming have a seen an glass cannon assassin actually be a glass cannon. Theyre usually incredibly over-tuned brokenly over powered noob magnets. Glass cannon…

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I agree with you they brought the Arcanist because there was only 2 sub classes for that and now the assassin gets screwed over and will be left in the dark with only 2. It’s only right that they bring out reaper to even things up.

Summoner would like to talk with you about that, but can’t for some reason.

Yea from the other 3 points you picked out the least that defines a assassin in an mmo. Stop being so blinded.

Truly unfortunate, but on the bright side MACHINIST IS RELEASING KEKW

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I agree. That’s why I stated that they need to look into the class release schedule as a whole. It’s unfair to everyone involved.