Hints for Damage Meter to come

Well supposedly something like a damage meter exists and will MAYBE make its way into the game.
Only saw a tweet and a screenshot about it so dont know how real it actually is but its a big topic on inven.
What do you think about a damage meter? I just hope it wont its way in the game


I think it looks horrible


Do the other regions use EAC?
Because that looks like something EAC would really complain about.

damage meter/parser or not it’s still really easy to tell who is/isn’t doing damage without one even with party effects turned off

Dumb… looks faked

If it isnt, It is likely not a supported product and is a 3rd party application … as you can see it is covering up MVP and stuff… developers wouldn’t code something like that


Of course its just a 3rd party programm but one no one needs and only creates toxicity if it goes viral. I highly doubt SG would bring one itself in the game


Looks fake

3rd party. Let’s hope they ban this this fast.


Nope I don’t support a damage meter at all. Source of conflict and exclusion all it is.


Don’t think it’s hints for it to come but I’d gladly welcome one. I do not think it would create a level of toxicity people fearmonger over. That being said a more likely reason why it might not would be because it would most certainty be used to question the integrity of the balance team at smilegate. Classes recently nerfed or not buffed would have a tool and evidence to use in practical scenarios to question legitimate class balance. That might be a headache Smilegate wants to avoid. But again personally I am for a damage meter for personal improvement.

How can we get it ?


having a parser in a game like this where boss movements and attacks are random is the most smooth brain idea i have seen.

blu gunlancers will have the best uptime everytime.

watch it screw over runs so many times because they want to circle jerk how they did so much DPS in those 5 seconds before he ate shit by the boss.


These types of dmg meters are amazing because they come with hp bars for the guardian raids + argos. I care more about how much longer I have to do my homework than what dmg others did in the party tbh, this is all farm content and completing content is more important than someone’s dps.

No thx to damage meters. Raided full time progress in WoW for years and even there I hated them for years.

You can say it helps to optimize your dps in encounters but WoW and FFXIV are following a straight pattern with timings ect. Lost Ark is way more random in the encounters and due to that a dps meter will just show wrong or completly different numbers every encounter.

Btw the dps meter posted is clearly a 3rd party tool and I highly doubt that it will be alowed to use.

Edit: And lets better not talk about how toxic the community will get. Its kinda bad atm and will just get worse… by ALOT!


I support a proper damage meter or even a 3rd party one. However, if you should be toxic towards another player after reviewing their DPS, the person that the toxic behavior is directed towards should be able to report that person and get them banned after review of the evidence.

Just don’t be a dick when using these kinds of things and you’ll be fine.

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Ego booster

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I personally do not get this logic. Why ban someone for essentially being a dick? Do we ban players who gaslight others for being p2w, or lazy or entitled?

Because a third party app like this will be completely against ToS and you shouldn’t give AGS reason to enforce ToS against you?


This doesn’t look like something made by smilegate.

Same engine as tera online.
Same UE3 whatever client “tells” server, it’s beeing done.
Same start(dmg meter)
Later it came to client side skill emulation to avoid lag, which ruined PvP.
Then let’s make in game “guides” to show you where bosses are going to land/hit, where guardians are, how much HP they have, and so on.
Welcome to pandoras box.

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But thats not what you said, nor alluded to nor addressed? You specifically pointed out behavior. Im not trying to put you on the spot in particular because this is simply a common sentiment. Why does it seem that it’s is ok with ban someone for bragging about having big dps or excluding others based on dps; but banning will not be the first course of action when gaslighting others for disliking alts, disliking honing, mundane horizontal content, swiping for gear, etc. We literately experience many forms of elitism right now in the game, no one calls for bans. Why would bans be necessary for a damage meter outside of obviously being a 3rd party program not supported?