Hire GM's to instantly ban bots?

Suggestions is to hire a few players and pay them weekly with some in-game gold and with that payment they will gain 7 day privilege to instantly ban any player that is being suspected of bot-ing by a GM.

-If server has high volume of suspected bots, hire GM’s = X amount of bots.
-GM’s will be payed with in-game currency (gold, silver etc)
-GM’s must actively amount to X hours of searching and banning bots per week.

-As amount of bots decrease the hired GM’s that is above the X amount of bots will be fired.
–Players that is reported as bots will be put in a “fast-lane bot service” Que so if a real player where to be banned, he/she will be able to appeal the ban and should be able to play again within hours after the ban has been approved by service personal.
-Any GM’s that is abusing their privilege will be permanently banned from playing the game.


They already said they not hiring.

They say alot of things, most turn out not to be true.

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Am sure they not lie in this case xD

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Perma - Ban RMT buyers.

enough said

it doesn’t have to be 24/7 and certainly don’t need to hire 900, even if you have let’s just say 5-10 people on valtan because a ton of bots are on this server, have them sitting in choke areas/cities, banning bots, i’m sure at the very least the queue would be hugely improved because it would take like 5 seconds or less to ban 1 bot, that’s 5-10 bots every 5 seconds, 60-120 bots a minute.

so even if you’re not totally solving the problem long term, you’re at least doing something about them that the players can both see (in game) and FEEL (in queue).

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GMs banning bots does nothing. There are hundreds of thousands of bots, they can only get so many manually, and new ones will just be created immediately.

However, GMs going through the AH and mail logs banning + taking gold from RMTers that successfully sell stuff like 200,000 gold tier 1 accessories to RMT gold sellers will actually have a significant impact. There aren’t nearly as many of these people, and they lose a LOT when this happens.

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You clearly don’t know what would happen if gamers get power.

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