History of Spend Royal Crystals Please

this bothers me for a while, that there is no Track for what you Spend your Crystals. (atleast Royal Crystals because they are Realmoney)

So now i got the new Prime Loot, and why ever, a message appeared in Chat when i open the Cart:

Which says +4000 Royal Crystals.
I was wondering “wut, Prime give crystals?!?!”. Unlucky it wasnt. That what just my current Owned Crystals.
But my Crystals just stick around waiting for Skins. So i didnt really keep track of them by myself, so i wasnt even sure if that is the correct amount.

After doing research on my Skins and Ark Pass. The amount was Correct.

But i really wish we can get a History ingame. Atleast something like last 180days.
Steam Purches can do It.
League of Legends can do it. And i dont play much more f2p. But i think most games has some kind of Buy History.

Thank you

History of spent Money aswell For legit F2p flex