Hit Moake at 1340, used dark grenades. Boss kill claimed. Got basically zero loot


Feels like I got scammed. Would really appreciate if this could be fixed somehow.


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the boss is for gs 1415 and up so what do u expect

You want to do Moake? Great! Please just follow these guidelines. : lostarkgame (reddit.com)

People have been getting loot at 1340

Were you in party?

I think you simply just didn’t have enough contribution to get any loot
Try to be in a party even if it’s all 1340’s

I’ve gotten loot at 1340 but I was always in party with others

I wasn’t. Yeah that must have been it. RIP

You can still get loot at 1340+ it depends on your contribution.

at 1350-1360 you deal dmg from 300 to 100k mixed with blocked :thinking:

(Better to join a party for better contribution tho.)

Same I got zero loot today, 1370 ilvl.