Hmm, bots almost gone, Cant see many Bots honing

Crystal - Gold prices dropping. Some good stuff!
Make the crystals drop to <1900 and we good AGS!

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it’s normal ! that’s because the guy who developed the app is a genius !! now they are exactly at the same spot and you see their nickname scroll like a gif !!


gold prices dropping because the whales are bored and leaving lol. not because bots are gone


Why would the whales leave, LMFAO. Nice bait!

because the game is dead at end game. whales did not spend 1000’s irl to bus plebs for half a tap worth of gold bro. the game is dead . if you dont see it you are clearly sub brel normal


bots did the same like playerbase , skipping continents

so bots have to redo continents aswell

i think monday the got their shit together

You havent played other mmos where whales reside. They never leave, quit yapping!

Actually thats not true. (imo)

Most of the whales play since release or at least half a year.
They are starting to burn out or get bored and good games are coming in the next few months.
And trust me, if you stop playing Lost Ark you will start feeling freedom and you will never come back.

You dont need to do your second job to raid in a game thats not respecting your time.

New players wont come or if they come they will leave after 1-2 month because of the boring game loop and gatekeeping.

And the next couple of month will be really boring. You played 4 month Brelshaza and another 4 month Brelshaza coming. You can say that the hard mode is different from normal, which is true, there are some new gimmick and the normal mechs more spicy but thats all.

Im interested about Aeromancer but no way I will return for a class to constantly get gatekept because I stopped playing for a few months.

Sadly all of my friends/static members sold everything they had thus they will never come back which is totally understandable.


it’s just so few players left and whales, so there is no profit botting

Creating new classes is a trap, once you established your roster youre set. Yeah new classes are just trap!

Yup becuase you will get the same loop that you had but on lower gear. Its a bit new experience but thats all.

Ignore the haters, since the patch i have seen very fiew bots around myself.

People will never see something objectively in here, if you post something positive there always is a doompost around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you played any dead games before? i doubt it. What exactly is dead at end game?

Are you a whale yourself? Are you a representative of the whale association?

just like you ignore the reality ? I recorded a video with over 20 bots running the same spot… but I’m too lazy to upload it on youtube… plus… my first comment removed by the modo on this forum was a screenshot about the bots !

Tbh LA is the only game for Whales, since they always have content to return to every 2-3 months. If they dont they will fall way behind and have to whale more. Unlike other mmos its almost a year for new content to arrive!

What is reality exactly?

the forums have a cult mindset. Whenever someone hates on the game that’s reality.

Whenever somene points more objective views that’s delusion and clowning.

As long as they dont hone in punika!

Trere are tons of people who are f2p and are very competititve.

Stop hiding behind the excuse that the game is only for the whales.

everyone can catch up to all content so far, their content pacing has been very good.


There is a clear drop in T1 and T2 honing materials. In particular, T1 weapon mat is 4g from 1g since being that forever.

However there’s still huge load of T3 armor mat, which implies lots of bots. People are honing higher T3 stuff causing fish, relic and meat prices to be high, but there does still seem bots fishing as despite the higher demand, oreha carp is still dropping.

Also, plenty of adventure tome items at 1g.

So…maybe some bots have been banned? Or possibly they just have some small problems.

There’s definetly hard cut on T3 gem supply. Only 13 pages of T3 level 1.

100% sure you’ll keep saying the same thing with only 1k players ! it can’t be helped ! good luck in your imaginary world !! I prefer stay realistic coz there’s no hope with smilegate !