Hmmm Pheons to Win?

You can add all kind of packs in the store to your heart’s content but please have mercy with the cost of pheons / do something about how it’s handled when you transfer in-between roster. it’s a game that’s heavily focused on having multiple alts so please make it less painful for our wallet. We love you, thank you.


Why don’t use gems then? They don’t cost any pheons.

the fk are you talking about. Pheons have been getting cheaper right now because the gold price of blue crystals has been crashing. Just stock up on blue crystals and how often do you even find an acc that your alts need that your main doesn’t?

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how many and what ilvl your alts at across the board? to answer your question: too often. Everything ramps up once you start getting relic accessories for your alts.

At the end of the day they need to make money somewhere to develop the game. Pheons are one of those ways…this is fine.

I have 12 characters with full relic acc and stones, 6 each on 2 servers. I bought crystals steadily since launch and still have 15k left.

pheons is probably the biggest chunk of it

I am just at my 9th alt. As more classes get released, having to go through 1370~1400 with legendary into relic at 1415+ just to not be one of those undergeared alts griefing in matchmaking, idk man. pheons is the one that bother me the most.

nah pheon cost is fine on acc. 5 relic acc is 125 pheons which is about 4k gold atm per char. Only problem I have with pheons is that they slapped it on ability stones.

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yes. pretty much included.

That’s kind of understandable though. I mean if it didn’t have a pheon cost nothing would stop people from just buying all of the stones on the market trying to roll a 9/7

That is how they make their money.

There are ways around it. Wait until 1415 and build your 4/3 significantly cheaper. By how the game currently is you can get by at 1370 to 1400 with 2/3 since Argos is still open for high ilvls to farm gold with.

Like some players pointed out gems pricing goes down almost every month bought mine when they were 300 - 340g. Just stock up when you see an all-time low…

i’m not suggesting to remove them. at least make transfer in-between roster doesn’t cost the full amount, maybe?

Yeah, it is kind of crap that you can’t just put them into roster storage for your alts. I thought at first that you were trying to transfer gold between 2 separate rosters. That should be changed although it’s not the end of the world given that they keep feeding us some free pheons through events and logins.

Yes lets defend the most stupid thing the game has

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Yes it is so stupid for a company to try to suck money out of their consumers.

this is legit, the only reason why i havent moved on to gear my alts seriously, or attempt a 5x3 setup on main.

fuck pheons, forreal.