Hold on a minute

Has anyone noticed the wording of the latest update? We still don’t know IF we’re getting the patch or not

The team is working through a fix that may allow us to release

@Roxx are we or aren’t we getting this patch?

man it dont matter theres nothing in it anyways

The plan is to include the September 7th patch, but with the new fix that came in to resolve the original issue we do have to test that fix and make sure it is fully functioning.


Can we get some kind of insight into why we seem to have these kind of issues crop up as this isn’t the first time, we had a similar fiasco back in April when we got patch notes then within an hour got told no patch was coming due to an issue, then 20 minutes later got a LOL JK you are really.
I don’t mean an insight into these issues now this minute but a more long form post around these kind of issues could go along with to actually enabling people to understand. In a similar vein to how Joshi P does from time to time with FF14.

why don’t you elaborate exactly what went wrong as instead of telling us all the time that there is a fix that needs to be worked on? So at least people will know what went wrong.

Blizzard has explained it aswell for diablo 2 ressurrected once ago and included all the technical details.

so 8hours of delay, with the only answer to give to customers is “idk”

you understand why the community is upset correct? there are paying customers with expectations of services, and when the services are denied and the response we get is “idk” there is an issue.

we were told delay#1 delay#2 and soon to be delay#3 because the resolve to the issue still needs to be tested.

instead of posting times the server should be up, you should post that the servers are down indefinately until testing is confirmed.

paying customers with busy lives do not have all day to wait at the information of “idk”


You don’t do a deep dive on the issue whilst the issue is still at play

Fix the shit first
then sieve through the shit to find the issue.

Wouldn’t it be better to test it throughout the week, and then deploy it on next reset, instead of sacrificing whole day of EU playtime for a chance to include quality of life patch?

Likely because the reason is that Jimmy and Tim were meant to do the testing but Jimmy caught covid and Tim couldn’t get it done alone. it wasn’t communicated to the roll-out team that they needed to push it back so they just assumed it was done. Then everyone’s flaming Jimmy at AGS but the poor lad told his manager who told the roll-out team he was sick but they didn’t click that meant it would be an issue until now.

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Okay so there’s a possibility of another extended maintenance? :joy:

My guess is that SG does not pass AGS the package until the day before and obviously never tested on AGS’s server so may have compatibility issue.

With the time of day the updates are done it it seems more likely that SG handle the deployment themsleves and just provide patch notes.
If there running pipeline deployments it makes sense for SG to do it themselves also its been said previously i believe the the LoA team at AGS is CM’s and customer support.
You wouldn’t have CS doing deployment pipelines nor would you have CM’s doing it, it’s more dev/engineer.

Please @Roxx , can explain what is that issue? the problem of AGS is the worst communication that exist.
I understand that there are problems and delays, I can go a day without playing, but if you want to be serious, you have to communicate more with the community.

I don’t understand why or how the patch got delayed and then we still underwent maintenance, and then after not even being sure if anything is being updated or not the “maintenance” is still being extended, but what’s being added?

Arent these patches ever tested before shipping out :thinking:

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Relax guys, smilegate and amazon only has a combined revenue of over 800 billion dollars you cannot expect them to test their patches or hire some people to work on this product.


Yeah I agree with this, why couldn’t they just include it next week when it’s tested thoroughly instead of brute forcing it this week and doing last minute implementation/testing for a minor qol patch.

I agree with this as well.

AGS just needs to commit to things instead of forcing things last minute. If you decide there are issues to implement the patch this week, just delay it to next week as you originally committed. Don’t try to rush things in last minute just to meet some expectation.

You already said you would delay the patch, commit to that. The way you are approaching things right now reminds me a lot of last minute procrastination on projects, people are perfectly okay if you need more time to do something. As long as you’re clear on that, instead of flip flopping.

The flip flopping just highlights a high level of poor organization/communication within the game management.

Just roll it back it has nothing of value anyway

Also it would be nice to give us more information about what’s going on here. But I expect a lot, good communications from AGS, yeah right…

Surely in the meeting at 9am somebody said hey if we just rollback and do a normal weekly maintenance, fix it for next week, and have a smooth maintenance the fallout will be much better than having 15 hours of downtime, without even confirming we can definitely get the patch pushed to live.

The incompetence is just mind boggling and really does not inspire confidence for the future of this game and future updates.

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