Holding out on contents - right or wrong?

So can we just get 1415+ contents in future update?

Let those casuals be FOMO, let them quit if they do - lack of vertical contents for nearly 2 months is quite demotivating now.

Working with statistics can work as a double edged sword if it’s not precise.
“People who drank water all ended up dying, so water kills people”

Mistake with Argos was the deadzone & no other contents for users to reach 1370 at a reasonable time.

What do you guys think? Also would appreciate if this gets passed on to the team.


I hope they’re including people @1400 in their “metrics” - I feel like alot of people have stopped upgrading at 1400 because there is zero content they can’t do at 1400.
So… if they look and go - “oh… there’s not many people at 1415” - well of course there isnt, because its not “necessary”…


Of course players aren’t upgrading, there is no sense of urgency. We have 1415 coming in may maybe. Like why would anyone put in any effort for vertical progression with that sort of schedule?

Players aren’t upgrading because the higher level content isn’t even scheduled for being released yet. Amazon is holding out content because players aren’t upgrading.

See the issue?


I came here to basically say what the first two replies did so I’ll add to it. If they don’t give people something to strive for they will stagnate and quit. The onyl reason right now to push beyond 1400 is just to faceroll Argos even more, beyond that, what’s the point. They removed the reason to from the update and now its likely a month before that changes. Talk about learning the exact wrong lesson from the Argos introduction.

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why would you stop upgrading if you have the mats, unless you want to feed your alts?
Honing rates will not improve with new content release anyways, so you can hone away and make the existing content more faceroll and might even out gear new content immediately.

No reason to ride the roller coaster of emotions with RNG?
Rather use that on your alts?

Could be any reason. Issue is that there’s no solid reason to continue progressing vertically.

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I’m not saying you should stay at 1400- I didn’t.
But it can be argued that people may want to focus on alts instead is fine.
My point is - that I feel like there’s quite a few people who didn’t go beyond 1400 because there’s no content that requires higher.
edit: for clarity.

yes i get that, but if you don’t use the mats on your alt, why don’t you just continue honing, because honing won’t change with content anyways. So once valtan releases, everyone just run to the honing npc and upgrad to 1415 with all the mats in storage or what is the plan?

As there is no reason to continue honing, there is also no reason to stop honing ^^

1407 on my Sorc.

I’m only honing if I have full bound boost materials at this point. No sense in pushing fast, they seem determined to keep us at 1400 content for months.

Whats the point in pushing up further, all it does is make the one raid a week shorter and less fun.

Wait so I shouldnt drink water?

Oh yeah don’t get me wrong I’m not telling people to stop honing ^^

I myself am at 1452 with multiple alts, just curious how the community feels with AGS’s decision to withhold 1415 contents

Look, I agree with you - I’m just saying there’s plenty of people who might have a different outlook which is completely fine - and that they should be included in the people who are ready for more content.
I’m just saying that people at 1400 should be included in the “at 1415” requirement for further content since many of them just stopped since there’s no content requiring higher… maybe they focused on alts, or making gold or… helping their nan mow the lawn… idc just saying…

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I guess those who are like below 1370 don’t care about the delay and those above are furious that it is delayed.
probably would sum it up :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean honestly it isn’t about FOMO or casual vs. Whale.

Pretty sure I’m going to get bored to death of repeat running the same shit for the next full month and a half (since I’m sure the May update will be May 27th or so). I’m already down to just dailies then watch LostMerchants for Rapport spawns for the rest of the day.


Not furious, just sharing my speculations on what really was the issue, and how I think their resolution isn’t quite optimal.

I personally want Valtan content this patch but you know… it’s not right or wrong. AGS just got the impression that the average player base felt that content was too fast, therefore they delayed it.