Holy moly blue crystals are exploding


if u want to buy blue crystals nowadays u have to spent 900 gold and if u want to get 75 pheons to upgrade ur char holy.

How does this comes ? Someone knows why this is so expensive ?

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I guess you haven’t heard about the bot crisis?

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There are no bots in Lost Ark, just highly motivated Berserkers running into walls to test for structural integrity


The later in the day the closer to 1000g

Imagine the people that said that pheons are not a problem. Just BUY THEM.



Since they said they’re always monitoring crystals prices and adjusting Mari’s stor accordingly (which obviously never happened), I expect some adjustments now since blue crystals price doubled.



as bots and rmt run rampant the gold>crystal price goes up.

hopefully they start permabanning rmters, shits out of control.

When I play a Korean MMO, I expect some grinding beyond what I’m normally used to doing. However, I never thought the true gate to content would be lack of gold because of inflation from bots.


Still cheap af on bot haven west

yeah where are they now? saying that PhEoNs ArE iN yOuR fAvOr complete bs…

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on EUC gold is around 0,5 euros for 1000 gold
some on US west is around 0,8-0,9 dollars for 1000 gold

The blue cristal follow the prices of the RMT, the more gold you get from RMT for X euros/dollars, the more expensiv the blue crystal will be

I sold at 715 and 725 a month ago so the prices are relatively stable. Actually saw them just below 600 last week to 10 days ago so the inflation is happening again but still short of where the market peaked.

They probably rmt’ed without any consequence so they can buy as many pheons as they wish.

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exactly! since it’s cheap af to buy gold… they can easily buy as many blue crystals as they want and then buy pheons. so definitely not a problem for them.

Blue Crystal prices on West hasn’t been that bad, but that’s because we have a lot of legit spenders along with the players that spend illegally.

The AH on the West is totally messed up though for books at least lol


Because the economy is in chaos. The game’s core economy relies on players generating gold, whales/dolphins buying that gold either through blue crystals or through skins. RMT’ing is toxic for this process, inflating gold thereby reducing its value and removing blue crystal buyers by giving them a more lucrative alternative.

As bad as bots are for most games, for lost ark they’re especially so because of how important blue crystals are.

Reminder that RMT meta is also exchanging bought gold to blue crystals right now to avoid losing gold when caught.

Maybe AGS should actually do something about RMTers instead of just saying they are.