Honest Liar Roster quest missing item

Honest liar quest, using the strange device item starts the quest.

However, the you don’t get the treasure map to had to Siltero the hacker.
Also, it says “Identify tip.name.treasuremap_301”.

Unable to abandon quest too, meaning I’m stuck with a quest that can’t be complete.

Moving this thread from the German to the English Bugs and Localization Feedback category.

Have the same problem. I cant even talk to Siltero. Any fixes yet ?

Hi there! This is an issue our Developer team is currently working on.

Here is a potential workaround that may work for you.

the problem is I cant even click on the NPC, because he has no quest for me. I cant get into talking with Siltaro. I’m not at the point where he talks with me,m either with “…” or anything else.

so i guess theres no fix for it ?