Honestly, if it was according to me... they can release 1 class per year!

Unless the class already exists… People are looking forward to it and there is nothing you have to do other than translate some ability names and stuff like that!

You can see the outcry on the forums which is due to the fact that these classes are already known, done, finished and ready to play, but AGS treats them like new content, even though releasing all classes tomorrow might aswell be the best idea.

If they then were to say that they will only create a new class every year then people would be fine with it, because they don’t know if they wanna main that class already and until the abilities and other things like that nobody is gonna be mad about not knowing what class it is and when it will be released. After the reveal of when the class will be released and what kind of class it will be a lot of people will be hyped for it and not rather disappointed that they have to wait for it.

I can’t understand the reason of releasing already existing classes this slowly other than trying to milk people out of their money by stretching out the content (I will say it again, classes are not content and shouldn’t be treated like a big release that changes everything about the game)

I don’t know how many people will quit and how many will stay… heck, I don’t even know if I will stay myself, especially not until the release of the class I want (Artist)… which will be some time NEXT YEAR!

By next year I already expect us to be very close to KR in terms of content and iLvL, but Artist won’t even released and people who want to main the classes that come out next year will take months to even keep up with their own server, let alone KR.

Please AGS, Smilegate… whoever is in charge of this: Reconsider your decision of 1 class per 2 months and reevaluate your view on what’s content and what’s just a part of the game! I like the speed at which legion raids are being released, but I have to agree with all the people who are very mad in the forums right now! You haven’t listened to feedback this time and you can’t convince me otherwhise, but there is still time to fix this!


the only people posting on the forums about “their class” are the ones ignorant and entitled enough to think their whining will accomplish anything.

Create a petition and show AGS the number

yeah same i absolutely do not care
we’re already getting more than most games do
most people who play the game dont either
just because the loud minority want to drool over a loli in a bikini doesnt mean the rest of the playerbase does

Or Summoner players.

I agree that just crying out doesn’t help the matter, but I still agree that the decision is very weird so I am kind of inbetween.

Like I said, the biggest point is that the classes are basically already fully released and playable on another server and people wanna make those classes their new mains. This might mean they are already saving a bunch of material for the cost of not being able to play the content! Or this might mean that they are just waiting to play this class and they might have to wait until next year which is really frustrating.

If they said that they would release an unknown class in 2months then ofcourse people would get excited, but not to the same extend, because they have no idea of what it will be like and if they even wanna play it and let’s say they leak all the abilities and class type 1 month before release, then people wouldn’t be like “Whaat I have to wait 1 month for it, stupid game!!!”, because they literally just heard about the class for the first time.
This would be a “positive” hype! Rather than this “toxic” kinda hype which in some ways is explainable and in others it’s not.

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valid point, i understand this

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