Honing Bad Idea

I love failing so much, my gear now has a 100% chance of success. Too bad i blew ALL my materials trying to GET a success. Thanks LA!


then dont play the game, it goes to 0.6% chance in endgame, get over it


Get over it or go play a game with 100% success rate. Almost all mmos have rng gear progression. Even WoW you have to grind same dungeon multiple times to get the loot you want. Lost Ark is the same, just different approach.

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how often do you need to fail then for the pity upgrade?

Who in the right mind would think thats the answer to the mechanic that is clearly based on a coin toss.I have failed so many times my honing attempts on 50% to the point of ridiculousness, literally loosing days worth of progress on a coin toss. My friend stopped playing, he literally gave me his mats and deleted the game and in the end what will left is a ton of tryhards that are toxic to casuals.

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Honing chance is literally a bonus if you get it or not, that’s why there is artisan energy. Stop crying. Later down the line youre going to 100% artisan energy MOST of your gear.

I think u guys are slightly misunderstanding the “hardcore” players in this aspect, they are desperatley just trying to fight to keep the games integrety, this game is just as grindy and tbh, not as harsh as BDOs enchancing system, BDO and Lost Arks game mechanics frankly isnt for everyone and thats okey the problem is that people are trying to make it for everyone.

Its like asking a horror game to stop being scary so even your 10 year old kid can play it since everyone should be included or the meme of adding easy mode to sekiro and dark souls

simply dont play that genre of games (yes theres sub genres to mmorpgs, all of them arent exactly the same)

All the “tryhards” is trying to make people understand is that honing and the boss fights and their mechanics is core systems of this game which makes this game a success and great and changing them just cuz some people dont like it will make everyone else who came to Lost Ark for it being Lost Ark will leave cuz the game is no longer Lost Ark.

Its like removing the story from FF14 or PvP from BDO, dont play BDO if u dont like pvp and grindy and painful enchancing system. Its part of those games charm and its certainly not for everyone and thats okey, go play a game thats for you and thats okey


considering max fail is 15 for 10% rn, i would guess it’s 250-300 give or take for 0.5%

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Good take. People don’t realize that you need MULTIPLE T3 alts in the future. The game was created to be difficult with honing. I had 9 T3 alts on RU.

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Lol :joy:

And every attempt worth a large pizza as zeal put it

Some people have never destroyed something that they’ve farmed 10 hours a day for a week for with a single failed tap at 10% success rate and it shows.

Smilegate is setting an example for actual greedy companies like PA. Yet people will still complain for the sake of complaining.

Some people run a raid for 15 weeks in WoW and nevwr see their drop.

Its their version of alow grinding your endgame gear by softcapping your progression



You are playing a KMMO, this is how all KMMO works.
I mean I fully expected KMMO will be grindy because all of them is grindy. I agree that LA is supposed to be different and it is. This honing system is much better than losing/downgrading or losing your gear. I mean what do you want, 100% honing? Then people gonna hit max gear in a week and guess what? No one gonna play and it gonna hurts the company, the game.
I mean if u love the game be reasonable, they said they are fixing this, be patient. If you don’t like it try other KMMO you will change your mind. Or if you are here just for the sake of complaining then we don’t really need you!

thats 100% inaccurate not all mmos go with a upgrade gear with % chance. also ive never seen a 10% chance to fail, fail 50% of the time like i have in this game.

Thats only for people that wanna reach max possible gear. But is far from needed for the ilvl cealing of the latest content

Yea we need honing buffs tbh. I get where people are coming from with the whole “Get used to it! this is a KMMO. Failing is the game!” and I think there can be a place for that. I just believe that it should be after the games current highest ilvl content requirement. Not before.

Your gear has 100% success in T1, T2.

@Nahiri I think you are talking about streamers, and I’m pretty sure they’re fighting to make everybody not hate Lost Ark so they can keep streaming it lol.

People seem to have some wild misconception that this is the best version of the game, nobody has said that. They have told you to take your time and enjoy it. They all know perfectly well that gating T1 and T2 behind RNG is bad for the game, and makes it vastly more P2W and RNG in T3 as well, because it’s not viable to have a lot of alts there for players that are F2P and not swiping whenever they hit a wall, they will be months behind everyone that is.

We need 6 alts T3 at 1340 to progress F2P. Not our mains stuck 1325 and our alts stuck on T2 wall.

Difference is, you don’t need that 0.6 chance to unlock content.

be patient here
be patient there

fck this