Honing books expiration changed from 4/14 to 4/21

Has anyone else noticed this change? I’m guessing this means the patch will be on the 21st of April instead of the 14th

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Or it could mean the books don’t expire immediately if anyone exchange for it on the 13th.


Attendance is still 14th
it can also be to allow lancemaster to have 1 week of event, because it is a great help even with feiton pass

money also swiched to 21th

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I think it makes sense that rewards from events usually don’t expire immediately when events go away. That gives nearly no time to use it. That said, doesn’t seem like no negatives if they extend the date, unless they pushed back the major update too. We’ll have to wait and see.

Even the coins were extended.


I have a feeling like Aeriana that they extended the event by one more week to give the new Lance Masters a boost with honing so people wanting to make the switch have an easier time catching back up to T3. I just wish there was more communication about this because there was no mention of it anywhere in the maintenance post.

I’m more inclined to suspect Lance Master might get delayed by a week.


while possible, the log in rewards still show the 14th as the end date

so somthing is coming on the 14th even if its only log in rewards.

i noticed that

I would guess our lance master Glavieieierierier patch is now planned for 21th of April.


Could be, at least we can be sure that Glaivioneerist is coming this month.

I still won’t get to use my books in time. I’m a mix of T2 +9 & +10. I won’t earn enough shards, especially for my weapon, to use all the book rewards. I’m going to try at least! I’m only getting enough weapon shards every 3rd day right now to even try a hone. Not complaining but I don’t see the harm in either not having an expiration or extending it much further. What is the point in having them expire?

maybe you just got new ones and they stacked on top and the old ones will still expire sooner?

Even the old ones got their dates changed. I checked my storage and they were the 21st now

Well they never officially said that Spear Sage will be released 4/14 but I’d say that this points to the 4/21 as the big new content patch, along with a new event.

Being a bit more positive, they probably extend the event to help people with the new class release or new alt with the Feiton Power Pass.
It could make sense since there were a lot of suggestions and comments about it.

They have said previously that the log-in rewards go from Major Patch to Major Patch. So, I highly doubt Lance Master, Spear Sage, or Glaivier won’t be released with the next major content patch.

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thats a good point forgot about that

That’s nice. Seems the shop will also stick around for an additional week.

Note, if you are T3 remember to research the T2 honing buffs in your stronghold. It gives +20% chance and -20% shard cost. Same with T1 honing research.

This is more of a hint that the Glavier drops on the 14th. They are just allowing folks who are switching to use the books from the event as well. Speculation of course but this makes the most sense.

speculate away, heh.

(we are going to do a little bit of excitement marketing around this upcoming content update, so I don’t want to just spoil that here in the forums… but we’ll have that release date shared in the next few working days and I will be sure to be loud about that information here when it happens)