Honing Buffs Can Improve Current Gamestate

Hi Folks,

  1. I would like to provide my feedback and hopefully give some insight on what I’ve been reading as of lately, honing buffs and class updates. Excuse my grammatical errors, I’ll try to make this post as easy to read and clean as possible. I just want to give my opinion on the topic as everyone paints it as Doom and Gloom and that the game sucks for not having them, which is not true.

  2. I currently have around 1267 hours played in Lost Ark. My main is 1460, Yes I have spent money in the game, using the In-game shop, purchased crystals for gold, skins, founder’s pack and Ark pass . I also have around 7 alts in T3, four of which are 1370+, one 1340 and 2 in T2 getting them to T3. I play around 6+ hours every day easily, probably averaging around 8 hours. Now that I have giving some background. Let me bring out some of the points which I wish to touch.


  1. I understand that a considerable amount of players in the community is dissapointed in the Honing. I am not talking about the system, nor the 1415+ Honing. I think this is end game progression and although we might feel down because our 17+ weapon pitied all the way to +18. I feel that is part of the grind in Lost Ark and is one aspect that I enjoy even as frustrating as it can be. It is hard but, is worth to be able to reach the next level of progression, with friends or the ones met along the way. The Honing I’m referring to is the Tier 1, Tier 2, 1340 -1370 and also the so desired Stronghold buff.

  2. A significant part of the community has been screaming, to address the current early honing and 1340-1370. Now that Valtan has dropped and Vykas is on the way. Why even bother not including the famous Astalgia patch changes into the game, where the Tier 1-2 honings are 100% and Increase in order of 2? The content is kinda of irrelevant, most of us just rush through it, to get to tier 3, or even wait for power passes. Just to not do that all over again. I do not see a point on holding this back. If its because of bots? Makes no sense bots are already farming Tier 3. As for the 1340-1370 and maybe the stronghold buff. I could understand the desire to hold that back. The theory that I can think is that, SG or AGS, is worried about Tier 3 economy (which is already in shambles) and are holding back to keep a strong consumption of T3 materials, as this buffs, in a way, reduce the amount of materials needed to progress gear. Yes, I know most of you think AGS , just want to milk us as much as they can in money. You don’t have to use your money to raise alts , I did on my main and oh boy! I can tell you is not worth it. Is like going to a casino. Use it better on engraving books.

  3. At this point and how the system is built, players that are at the top, will only get higher and richer. Including the honing buff, I can see how that can help new players and people that don’t have as many alts get a few of them going. Also more 1415 characters will improve relic accessories in the market, more gold generation and a better state of game. For crying out loud, we have been doing Yoho for months! No one enjoys killing Yoho, 30 times a week, like they would killing Valtan probably 2 - 6 times.


  1. Yes, Amazon wanted to give classes at an accelerated rate. I understand some of you are very mad that scouter is delayed, or artist isn’t probably coming until next year. Reaper isn’t announced yet and could possibly take a few more months to be released. You get the point…

  2. These things have development time and before you say. “Oh, but this is already released, in other regions.” Which is true. AGS has to get their localization and all of the things that come along side that. SG has to build the patch, test it and what not. These are 2 teams that work in different time zones, that probably have some issues internally communicating and reaching proper decisions ( At least that what it seems to me). I think we should cut them some slack, I agree these haven’t been the best choices. They said some things and couldn’t deliver, but they are also people and have to get some balance between work and real life. They will come in due time and at least I feel like 1 class doesn’t define how good or bad the game is. The true reason we are so bothered is because we know what is to come and we want it now! Lost Ark for me is a great game at is base core. Enjoy it with your current characters, hopefully we will get some more events, the dang honing buffs and you will be able to get the class you want up in no time!

TLDR: I know some points may not be agreed by everyone they are my opinion, and could probably be articulated better. Honing Buffs could definitely elevate the state of the game into more legion raid oriented which is the selling point of Lost Ark for most of us, help new players and encourage currently active player to seek new ventures in Alts. Classes are something that we all want and know that they are coming, we know AGS/SG havent taken the best approach on the releases but Lost Ark is a great game and we can enjoy the current state with the ones we have as the others get release.