Honing buffs (Catch-up mechanics)? Hello?

Seriously, at least give us the T1 - T2 early T3 honing buffs?


R u trolling

what honing buffs? did i miss somthing?

this has been forgotten it seems, let me refresh your rusty memory or probably show you since you might be a new member. We had this written in patch notes on game release then was retracted by Amazon, and now we’ve been waiting for those buffs for a very… very long time.


Thats not what people are upset about right now though.
Most of us have accepted that THAT honing buff will probably come when its useless for older players (meaning with Brelshaza…).

edit: Which is fine, new players need help in games like this and it also makes new classes viable.

What we ARE upset about is the Stronghold Research that just buffs 10% each won’t be coming with Vykas like it did in JP/RU although we are supposedly meant to catch up faster.


r u talking about the honing roster help in the stronghold? I think lots of ppl waiting for the 1460 honing roster-help. however, its not menioned in the Roadmap. this info absence has upset lots of ppl including me.

but im not sure what honing buff this post’s owner talking about unless I have missed some important announcement.

I’m upset about this in particular tho, I think we were supposed to get this honing buff on the get go with Argos released but what happened… happened


scroll up a bit and read the replies, you’ll find what I’m talking about

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RU got these buffs (T1-1415) 2 weeks after Vykas.

JP got T1/T2 buffs with Argos, 1302-1370 buffs a month before Valtan, and 1370-1415 buff with Clown.

They aren’t giving us the buffs, even though it would really help major issues like:

  • Support population
  • New players being turned off from the massive grind to reach legion raids
  • Switching mains when you have to keep pushing ilv for new content

because honing buffs = less money from players that swipe to hone since base rates are shit.

Like it probably takes someone ~30 hours of gameplay to go from Valtan to Vykas, but it takes 500-600 for a new player to reach Valtan.

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I actually think they translated the wrong patchnotes by mistake back then.
But delaying that is fine.

I think that is a catchup for new players which we’re not quite at yet.
After a few months its better to help everyone which can be done more easily by injecting more mats/Gold

well, i think we all got our alts ilvl 1370 now so what im waiting is honing buff from your main 1460. I rly dont care about honing buff under 1370 right now

Im with u almost 100%, but I might care a little when scouter released.

If we get the buff, bots will get it too. I dare to hope that this is the only reason for them to hold it back for now.
For me it’d make sense to buff honing when there are way less or no bots at all ingame already.
Who knows tho, when that time comes, if it comes at all…:roll_eyes:

Oh don’t worry, others don’t think it’s important niw so they got used to it coming later and it’s only natural to post these kinds of answers in this self centered circus of a forum.

They’ll never do it, enjoy swiping.

They will do it but they just don’t wanna disclose when so they can bait whales into swiping even more.

I don’t think bots are what’s holding them back… honing buffs help accounts with multiple characters but for a 1 character centered accounts, it’s already easy to boost that character with events mats + in game rewards + welcome challenge.

If they really are afraid of bots reaching end game, they better disable welcome challenge rewards and ark pass free rewards path

T1 honing buff? That would make all honing success rates almost 100%… just buy the mats from the event vendor and you will be fine! About t2 i dont remember when it starts to become hard… maybe after +12?

I have 5 t2 alts and getting the honing buffs is crucial to get people ahead and revive the economy with more relics + more gold income from high end content

Read the screenshot, it’s not about % or honing mats, it’s about ridiculously low shard generation compared to the requirements for each level.

With all weekly mats bought out, both abyssals completed, two days of chaos dungeon and guardians I got my alt from 1026 to 1050 and that’s only because I bought extra 20k shards from PvP vendor.
Even with doing dailies each day, it will probably take two more weekly vendor resets to get T3.

What’s the reason for that other than laziness by devs?

Well if you have finished the tower then you can only wait few weeks or just buy lifeshard pouches… i think that’s the reason their prices are so big anyways lol!
But the game would be easier if those buffs came… really easy! I would have 6 alts t3 weeks ago and i would probably buy slots for more alts at this point! Imo it’s too early for all of that (well that’s my opinion, it’s not like i would say no to a honing buff tho :laughing:)