Honing buffs were not with Valtan on RU

Valtan Release: 6/23/21 (1415 and 1445)

Hell Valtan Release: 7/21/21

Vyakis Release: 8/25/21

Honing buffs for T1/T2 and 1302-1415: 9/15/21

Source: RU patch notes LOST ARK — официальный сайт Action-MMORPG

Not to say we shouldn’t be getting faster progression, we are supposed to be getting content releases faster than the other versions to catch up to KR. Argos to Valtan was 4 months for KR/RU, but originally planned to be 1 month for us, and 2-2.5 with delays.

But the honing buffs were well after Valtan in RU.

Although maybe it was with Valtan in JP and people are mixing it up. Maybe someone can check on that.

I don’t think it should matters when KR/RU/JP got whatever. Our server is NA/EU and content releases should be made with our server’s condition and progression in mind.

People need to stop comparing when KR/RU/JP got this and that. I’m not here to debate or argue with you what’s right and wrong, just being logical. Each region got their content release over a different span of time.

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But if the goal is to be up do date with korea they either need to buff us, or give us more mats to keep up with the raid releases, period.

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