Honing chance 1445+

Hi, I currently have no relic gear and I was wondering if the odds of honing will change (im at 1445) once I transfer to relic. Idk if i’ll be able to clear vykas for the mats this week and idk if honing is worth it on legendary atm

its the same.
doesnt change untill you swap over to brel relic gear.


Perfect, thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I was also curious about this too, because I’m in the same boat and attempting to hone past 1445 you get a message popup saying it’d be better to get relic gear first.

You can push right to +20 (ignore the warning) with Legendary gear, there is no difference at all in honing chance or material costs.

I have no idea why they added that warning.

There is one and only one downside to honing legendary gear higher before getting relic gear: Gear Transfer costs an extra 10K silver per honing level on the old gear.

If you don’t mind wasting a totally inconsequential amount of silver later on, hone as much as you want.

Be warned you might have to pitty several pieces to get to 1460 with express :laughing:

The honing chances only change when Upgraing from:
-Blue/Purple 1302 gear to the Legendary 1340 Gear
-Legendary/Relic 1340 gear to the Relic 1390 Gear

Upgrading the Legendary 1340 gear to Relic 1340 gear keeps the same honing chances but extends the + range you can hone up to.
Upgrading from the Relic 1390 Gear to the Artifact 1390 Gear will keep the same honing chances but extends the + range you can hone up to.

pitying is still better than downgrade or get destroy like some other games

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