Honing changes for T1/T2 and early T3 (Honing changes/Buffs)

Since we are getting the 1415 Strongholf buff next week I thought it is a good time to not think about the Players already on 1460, but instead about the Players trying to reach 1370, or stuck in T2/T1.

Ofcourse there is no Loud Crowd about this, since most people wont benefit from this(except on alts), but I believe its time to think about that or new Players just wont enjoy the Game as much as the rest does.

I am talking about the Honing changes / buffs that have already been posted a few times in the Forums(Although i cannot find it, feel free to post a Picture or link to any existing Informations).
Those were you have 100% Honingsuccess at T1/T2 and better luck for T3 until 1370(i believe, i am not sure).
I know a few Players who are still stuck in 1340-1370, that just dont have a lot of time to play, and they will never experience the Fun of not being carried through everysingle Boss fight.
While the Majority of Players will be farming more and more Mats on 1460 with the new Buff or even at 1385 with the 1370 Stronghold Buff, the low lvl Players are just not being helped much with this.

While this will support new Players, the whole Playerbase will profit too, with more Players being able to clear high lvl Content and not stuck in dead Content.

While this is my Point of view, I encourage everyone to criticize or even argue about this. I would like to know what Everyone else thinks about this.
Stay constructive and dont get personal.

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I don’t think the general honing buff is going to come any time soon.

But don’t forget, new players have the express bus, they have mats from the free tier of the ark pass. They have mats from the events (well not this week, but they will starting from next week).

New players aren’t nearly as helpless as we were back when we started playing.