Honing efficient help required

Hi All,

My main is a bard and I am currently at 1350ish ilvl. I have been farming up a lot of mats and should have enough to reach 1370.

My question is should I aim for +15 on all gear. If yes, do I aim to increase each equipment piece by +1 one at a time? For example make chest to +13 then gloves to +13 then pants to +13 etc.

I read somewhere that we aim to get one piece of equipment to +17 while keeping item like weapon at +12 but I cannot seem to find that forum thread.

I am just very confused if I should get one of my gear from +12 straight to say at least +15 before going to the next piece of equipment. My luck has not been that great lately and I seem to fail quite a lot till my artisan gets to 100%, so confused what I can do to be more efficient.

Any tips on how to be efficient would be much appreciated. If there is no real efficient way then I will go ahead and hone my way upto +15.

Thanks in advance all!


You need +15 on each pieces yeah, because every pieces go to +15 maximum. Just upgrade them to the same level one by one

the +17 armor +12 wep strat is only for 1415, when you hit 1370 you transfer over to a legendary piece and it becomes +6 1370. pre 1370 you need everything to 15.

not really a tip , but for weap upgrade 13 to 14 to 15 .Try to hone when you have rate up books and blessing stones (more artisan energy gain ) .Other than that ,just pray to RNG

Ahhhh gotcha!!

Thanks a lot for your reply peeps! :grin:
Much appreciated

May Gol D River touch you with easy honing.

Best luck mate but it’s wrong to assume it’s enough I swear I always make this mistake xD

Hahahah I was off as you said. I made it to 1365! Still happy regardless :grin: time to farm chaos dungeons!

Ye it’s always like that yesterday I hoped to go from 1390 to somewhat 1395 or above but failed over 20 times and got to 1392,5 xD

Damn man, ouch!