Honing in Lost Ark

I was kicked out of the game when I was upgrading a gear and now I can’t upgrade any gear on any character

Encountered the same issue this morning.

Disconnected while honing summoner gear, logged back in to find the Gear Honing button greyed out.

The system appears to have been frozen in the pass/fail animation and will not proceed.

Can no longer hone on any character on my account.

I have same issue
this is disgusting and icant hone any char of account. wtf @Roxx

Just ran into the same thing

ok so, i double checked all my characters and i couldnt hone on any of them. Closed LA and EAC completely and im relogged. i did eat the mats and didnt increase my artisans though

So , if you close Game, you can actually hone, but mats disapear and nevera upgrade?

for me it did.


I can hone and upgrade now, but after i closed my game the hone i DC’d on, i lost the mats and artisans didnt encrease. can hone normally now

Ok i solved bug too.

Close Game->Close Steam> Open Steam > Lost Ark>Settings > Verify integrity of files

Let It end and open Game again.
Now u can hone normaly

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