"Honing is hard" they said

Can’t touch this.

Jokes aside, feels good to have some good rng every now and then. F2P btw. Brelshaza when?


“some” good rng alright

Sheesh how many attempts do you have in general ? like fails?

These were all fresh. I’m still shaking.

ready for the real endgame, too bad eu/na comes with a slow patch pace…
Perfect time for some alt honing, get all those juicy alts ready for Kakul before he’s released :+1:

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Oh no no i mean like how many fails u have like generally ? the “strategic failure” but congratz man i would’ve prob be shaking²

Hard to tell since I hit the maximum it tracks a while ago. But that is shared across several 1385 alts aswell. The Paladin had some pity hones in the 14-18 range but overall it was way less painful than I expected.

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Just the same quote people always say “Just get Lucky” its rng, there’s no luck to it just a flip of a coin and the majority end up being on the crappy end

Yeah, great. I guess I should screen shot my 72 fails with 1 upgrade trying to hone 2 pieces from 1475-1490. For every Ying there’s a Yang my friend.

Skill issue.

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its all about RNG. either you get lucky or na.

Just click

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Mean while im at full pity for last 5 pieces going 18 to 19. Grats you lucky mofo!!

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Ah man that is rough. :frowning: Don’t give up, your time will come!

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rng is rng it will happen one day lol

If you guys look closely he has 0.3 plus pity before… when on 19 + you got 3 % . Hi hit 20 on 100% pity … Good one budy .


Wow that was a good catch. Anyone who is not familiar with honing would have thought that this guy “4 taps” 3 pieces to +20.

Who knows how many taps he made on the other 2 pieces but yeah still good progression.

you can fail til you have 100% upgrade chance on all items. nice try fooling people

Wait until you honing +24 - +25 :wink:

Pity enjoyers