Honing material need to be account bound right now

2110 weapon T2 upgrade stone are waiting in my reserve.

Would like to give it to my alt.

Hard disagree. If honing material were changed to be account bound, then they’d just decrease how much of it we could get.

It’s fine how it is. I have a bunch I can’t use either. The system is the same for everyone, and therefore is fair.

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This kinda thing only happens when you do something wrong.

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i don’t understand your point here at all.

Quest are account bound, can’t be done multiple time, so your point is invalid.

Or maybe because i was lucky on my weapon and didn’t fail at all ?

I feel your pain bc my alt is sitting on 200+ leapstones. it hurts

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i disbelieve you didnt use any unbound materials to get to +15.

some reward give armor and weapon stone at the same time.