Honing optimizer

Hello everyone!

I got a question regarding honing optimizer I’m using. I’m currently 1445 and wanna push to 1460, and I have a choice to make.

When I put as a target balanced honing (everything to +18), this is what I get for expected cost:

And when I click Optimize, this is what I get:

Now, in what world is the other option “optimal”? It costs at least 40% more, considering the 6k gold diff + the fact that crystallized destruction stone costs 5x more than guardian stones on my server.

I can only imagine it would be optimal for damage dealth, but in the long run, is it worth paying that much more for such a low damage differential?

Thank you in advance!

Everyone has diffrent perspectives whats optimaized

if you want more dmg for a certain itemlvl its better to hone weapon ,gloves and shoulders

if 1460 is just a side goal and you dont care about dmg , thats not optimal

in the longrun , it does not matter, cause you have to spend anyway that mats and material , if you want to go to 1475-1490

so if you goal is to do more dmg take the second option

if you want to be material efficient , get option 3 → dont hone your weapon and only hone your gear, let your weapon sit at +17 and hone your gear to +20 first

you dont to more dmg than with 1445 , but you got more itemlvl when this is what you want

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Also ist this set to average outcome?

Idk what site that is so im not sure its toggled on or Off.

depends where you play with? i mean if you pug, get your weapon and shoulder. but if you play with guildie or friends, just do armor stuff. that’s the optimal way. and always be

thats a wierd perspective

why is it ok that you dont do dmg with friends/guildies ?
i mean perhaps i am missing something

but if i play with my friends and guildies i want to give them a good feeling , to play with me and not just leech my way through the raid cause my friends/guildies can carry me o.O

but hey, everyone has other opinions :slight_smile:

now thats a weird friendship. because with playing your friends you always cover each other while raking your way up. now they carry him, next he’s carry his friends.

leech? never think about that, guess you got no friend at all that got you back to back, you are in circle of friends that “prove that you’re worthy if you wanna be with us” kek

Thats a good argument , why i asked cause wasnt thinking that way

thats childish and disrespectfull against me , does not matter if its true or not , why you imply something like that ?

just did not thought like that

Before this thing escalates, yeah, im pugging, no friends or guildies.

Thanks for the replies, its much clearer now.

Yeah, its set to average outcome. I still dont know what im gonna do, but the very first reply explained everything nicely.